Why do young people suffer from acne?

Acne is the most common skin disease in the world, and as we discussed in a previous blog post, people of all races and ages get acne.

Although we now know that acne isn’t just a teenage problem, it is still most common in teenagers and young adults.

In this blog post, we speak to Lustre’s skincare expert, Dr Sam Robson, who is also the Medical Director of Temple Medical, to find out why she thinks young people suffer from acne.

The effect that acne has on teenagers is massive. It’s hard enough being a teenager without having to deal with the awfulness of feeling contaminated and dirty because of spots.

I think of one of my patients who said he sits at the back of the classroom in the shadow so that the sun doesn’t shine on his face, and you think ‘oh my goodness, how bad can it be?’.

I have often wondered if people’s diets are less healthy, if children are reaching puberty earlier, or if girls are wearing makeup at a younger age, however I have my own little theory about why adolescents get acne.

Everyone says it’s the hormones, particularly androgen, the male hormone, but who washes a child’s face up until they are about eight years old? Mum. Who washes it between the age of 8-13? You’d be lucky if your mum gets anywhere near it!

Do children really wash their faces? Yeah, they say they do, but do they wash it with any sort of promise?

Your pores are blocked from dirty skin, and then once the hormones kick in and you start producing excess oil and you’ve got the blocked pores, you’re kind of stuffed aren’t you? It’s a recipe for disaster.

Additionally, once children become teenagers they have got the independence to choose what they want to eat and they often choose a diet of junk food.

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