Why do Women Suffer from Acne?

There has been a number of reports of an increasing number of adults, especially women, struggling with acne – but what is the reason for it?

We asked some of The Lustre Clinic’s skin experts, Jan Birch, Karen Urquhart and Sue Ibrahim, to see if we could get to the bottom of it.

Jan, Managing Director of Blemish Clinic, explains: ‘Women suffer longer with acne because it’s all very androgen related and it’s very much around the menstrual cycle and when they get perimenopause.

‘It tends to be postmenopause when women stop getting acne, but leading up to that, you’ve got changes within the androgens and it causes increasing sebum.

‘I think it’s the change in the skin which is very up and down, and thats why women suffer a lot longer than men.’

Karen, who is a Consultant at Temple Medical Aesthetics, sees a lot more women than men suffering from acne at the clinic, and the majority of those women are in their late 20s and early 30s.

But does she think there has actually been an increase in female acne sufferers?

‘Well, it’s whether there’s an increase, or are people just not putting up with it anymore?

‘20 years ago, options such as Lustre were not available. You simply went to your GP and that was it.

‘If you went to your GP and they couldn’t manage, then you went to your dermatologist and they put you on Roaccutine. And that was it.

‘In addition to this, life is more stressful now. We never turn off; no one ever completely shuts down.’

For Sue Ibrahim, nurse consultant in dermatology at Elan Medical Clinic, it’s all down to stress.

She explains: ‘Stress is undoubtedly a trigger for acne, and at the moment, we are all probably trying to be all things to all people.

‘Women now aren’t just running their families, a lot of them are in full time, stressful jobs and trying to juggle so many balls.

‘The difficulty with this is that stress is one of the hardest things to reduce. You can’t just say to someone to lead a less stressful life – can you?’

Why do you think women are increasingly suffering from acne? Are we more empowered and less likely to be pushed aside? Or are we leading more stressful lives?

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