What Is Lustre Pure Light?

Every year, millions of pounds are spent on over-the-counter products for acne sufferers in the UK, and one person can spend anywhere up to £500 a year on different products and sometimes these are no help. At all.

Luckily there is an alternative, Lustre Pure Light, a unique and patented hands-free 3rd generation acne treatment that has been designed by leading dermatologists.

Our hands-free device uses blue-light technology to deliver a safe and highly targeted treatment that kills the bacteria that causes acne directly at the source, allowing you to get on with your life.

We don’t use drugs or chemicals which means what; no side effects! It helps that it is also gentle to your skin, so there is no damage or harm caused to your skin, your body or your health.

“Woohoo” you’re thinking, “no more chemicals? I’m still not quite sure how it works though”.

Well, the technology consists of a small, light (and bright), rechargeable device with slim, flexible therapy heads which target problem areas.

The device is portable, and treatment is delivered while the product is worn, so you are free to do your usual around-the-house tasks like watching tv, eating dinner, doing the ironing etc.

Lustre is the only Blue Light technology that has been tested and proven in over 200 of the best skin clinics throughout the country, and brings your acne under control and ensures that you maintain a clearer attractive complexion.

Lustre Pure Light technology is designed to work alongside existing acne therapies to help achieve the best results, so if you suffer from acne, and really want to get rid of spots, look no further than Lustre.

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