Toothpaste – for your spots or for your teeth?

Have you ever put some toothpaste on a spot to try and clear it fast?  It’s an easy choice, isn’t it?  You have it there sitting in the bathroom, it’s cheap and wow if it works… amazing!  I admit I have done it and it appears a lot of people I know have.


‘Why did you do it and did it work?’ was my question to them. None of them could remember if it worked or where they heard about it.


So, is toothpaste for teeth or spots? Asking an expert is the best way to find out so we asked Ruth Eaton.  Ruth has worked in aesthetic medicine for 15 years and she has her own clinic in Bishop’s Stortford, Hertfordshire.  She also works for a large cosmetics group in London’s Harley Street.  She is a registered nurse and a member of The Nursing and Midwifery Council.


Here’s what Ruth had to say:


‘Using toothpaste to treat acne is a short term falsity, it will initially give the appearance of drying up and reducing spots however in the long term it will cause epithelial breakdown and irritation. A much better long term solution is to use clinically proven topical agents and equipment such as lustre.’


Taking Ruth’s professional advice on board it seems we should leave the toothpaste for cleaning our teeth and look at more suitable solutions for spots and acne.


With a wide range of treatments for spots and acne out there it is important to research all the options thoroughly.  Blue light is a natural, clinically proven solution and it’s well worthwhile considering as a natural and safe acne treatment.


More info can be found at www.lustrepurelight.com


But what next?  Vodka as an acne solution?  Yes, it apparently is…. Interesting!  Check out our blogs in the coming few weeks for an update on this.


Looking for a professional?

Find out more about Ruth Eaton here:  www.rutheaton.co.uk

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