Spot the Difference: The Best Spot Treatment

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The Best Spot Treatment is Using Blue Light Therapy

Treating spots and the best spot treatment comes in the form of a blue light therapy. Lustre Pure Light spot treatment is a technology that intensely synthesizes the blue light that is naturally present in the spectrum. It is used to directly target the spot infected areas and it works because naturally occurring blue light is known to actively kill the specific bacteria and enzymes called Propionibacterium acnes, or P. acnes, which are overabundant during the formation of spots, acne lesions, pimples and cysts.

What are Spots?

Spots occur in the skin due to an over reaction of the sebaceous glands that produce the natural oil in the skin called sebum. Usually the oil is there to keep the skin supple and smooth. However, an over production of sebum oil often becomes trapped in the pores of the skin. Trapped sebum is the ideal environment for the bacterium or the germ called P. acnes to live and multiply and responsible for the inflammation that leads to spots.

What is The Best Spot Treatment?

The best spot treatment is a natural treatment avoiding the skin peels, lasers and chemicals and visits to clinics to a regular basis. Lustre Pure Light is seen as the best spot treatment because it utilises the naturally occurring blue light directly killing the bacteria that causes the spots in the first place. The best spot treatment is also one that can be carried out in the comfort of your own home, that has no side effects, actively kills the excessive bacteria that causes spots leaving the skin able to recover and heal with a marked difference in the red blemishes and scars that can take months to diminish. The best spot treatment therefore is the Lustre Pure Light spot treatment harnessing the safe, blue part of the natural light spectrum with a clinically proven technology to eliminate the bacteria that cause spots while also being gentle on the skin.

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