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Acne - The Confidence Killer

Paul Thomas Bell

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Lustre Pure Light Classic Features on This Morning

Dr Chris Steele

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The Lustre device has been a great success

Dr Ravi Jain

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My Lustre Jouney


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Lustre Pure Light Pro

Lustre Pure Light Pro

Lustre Pure Light Pro delivers clinically proven portable blue light therapy to fight spots and acne.

Treatment time is only 20 minutes per day, making it easier to fit into your skin care regime.

Hands free and portable – You can get on with the things you need to in the comfort of your own home.

Goodbye to Spots & Acne in only 20 mins a day for 12 weeks

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‘This really works – I once had spots on my forehead, now I don’t.’* – Andy


‘I’ve had problems on and off for years and spent a fortune on just about every kind of product you can imagine. I bought Lustre late last year and now mid-way through February I am just about acne free. Clearest my skin has been in years, can’t recommend highly enough.’* – Paul B


‘Excellent product. Tried various topical creams and skin pills from my GP but nothing worked, this was a miracle!’* -AliceB23


‘It’s so easy to use compared to other blue light devices I’ve seen on the market because it’s completely hands free and you can pretty much still do anything around the house while you use it!’* – Anon


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Endorsed by leading UK Acne clinics

A unique home use blue-light treatment endorsed by Dr Hilary Jones and by leading UK Acne clinics.

Lustre Pure Light Pro kills the bacteria that cause Acne naturally and is a proven technology designed to allow you to treat your spots and acne at home.

The Lustre Pure Light Pro device is hands free and is worn for just 20 minutes a day for 8-12 weeks.

Visible improvements may be seen from just 4 weeks with the best results being seen from 8-12 weeks.

Thereafter Lustre Pure Light Pro can be used as an outbreak management device helping you to take control of your acne not just now, but for years to come.

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