Lustre Pure Light – Technical FAQ

Lustre_Controller&PadLustre Pure Light – Technical FAQ

A few question and answers for Lustre users….

Q. There is no sound on my device….

A. The only function on the device set to make a sound is the warning alarm, this will sound if one of the heads becomes detached or overheats.  At the end of a treatment the heads will automatically turn off but the controller will remain on until it is manually turned off.


Q. I can’t access the settings….

A. To access the settings mode at any time, press and hold the select key (middle key with a tick) for 10 seconds whilst the device is switched off.


Q. My Lustre won’t unlock….

A. The keypad will auto-lock if no keys are pressed for 15 seconds. To unlock the keypad hold the down key (down arrow key on left), then press the select key (middle key with a tick) whilst still holding the down key. Release both keys simultaneously.


Q. My device won’t switch off/I cant unlock it….

A. Insert the charger and plug the device in. This will turn the device off automatically.


Q. My Lustre Pure Light device won’t turn on….

A. Charge the device for 6 hours and then try to turn on again. We advise that the Lustre controller is recharged following every treatment session to ensure sufficient power for the next session.


If you are still experiencing problem please email customer service at info@ambicarehealth.com or call 01506 592 239.

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