Lustre Featured in Jennifer Rosellen’s The Beauty Guide

Recently, The Lustre Clinic has been receiving a lot of positive media coverage about our Lustre products.

This month, our Lustre Pure Light Classic has been named as one of the top three beauty ‘must haves’ by The Beauty Guide blogger, Jennifer Rosellen.

Jennifer is a freelance beauty journalist and social media consultant, who is also the author of The Beauty Guide, which is dedicated to providing all of her followers with up-to-date beauty advice and tips.

The post titled ‘The three musketeers: My must-have skincare gadgets | Clarisonic Mia, Dermaroller and Lustre Pure Light Classic’ is about her favourite skincare gadgets that have ‘made a genuine, noticeable improvement’ on her skin.

This article makes specific reference to the fact that ‘the device is rechargeable and portable, and that this device has no side effects – no pain, no redness, no dryness or flakiness commonly associated with other acne treatments’.

Jennifer also notes how happy she is with the Lustre Pure Light Classic stating: ‘Since using this device, I have seen a significant decrease in the blemishes appearing around my chin and jaw area – at this moment in time, I have been blemish free for two months!’.


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