Foods to Avoid if you Want Clear Skin

In last week’s guest blog post, The Lustre Clinic’s nutrition expert, Kim Pearson, told us how a good diet can promote clear, healthy skin.

This week, Kim focuses on the ‘foods to avoid’; the foods that can promote acne, premature ageing and poor quality skin.

If you think this section is going to start of by eliminating chocolate, you can breathe a sigh of relief!

Chocolate is commonly cited as one of the biggest culprits for acne, however it is not chocolate itself that is the problem. Rather, it’s two of the main ingredients in most chocolate which will cause your breakouts; dairy products and sugar.

In my experience, these are the two major foods to avoid if you want clear skin. In last week’s blog, we discussed how sugar can cause unbalanced blood sugar levels which leads to acne, but beware that sugar isn’t just in our diets in the likes of chocolate, biscuits and cakes.

It’s hidden everywhere! Be wary of many cereals which are high sugar, processed foods like sauces, baked beans and even foods that we’re lead to believe are healthy, such as low fat yoghurts, cereal bars and breakfast biscuits.

It’s also important to read labels carefully. 
Whilst milk may be good for baby cows, it’s not as good for humans as we are led to believe. Especially humans with skin problems.

Research studies link the multitude of hormones and chemicals in milk with an increase in breakouts. I have seen a number of clients whose acne cleared up through eliminating dairy. The link is undeniable.

So when it comes to chocolate – you can still enjoy it in moderation so long as it’s 70% cocoa content or above dark chocolate. Quality dark chocolate is low GI, dairy free and contains beneficial antioxidant nutrients.

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