How to Improve Your Confidence Thanks to Hairstylist Stephen Low

Neville Hair & Beauty‘s Stephen Low is one of the most sought after hairstylists in the business, who has styled fashion icons from Gwyneth Paltrow to Lily Cole and has worked with top photographers including Rankin and Mario Testino.

He has also styled countless shows at London Fashion Week and has worked on advertising campaigns from Topshop to Vivienne Westwood, and now, Stephen is The Lustre Clinic’s hair expert!

In Stephen’s first blog post, he explains how hair can help improve your confidence and how certain shampoos could help improve your skin.

stephen_portrait_350Hair can really help improve your self confidence and a good hairstyle not only suits your face and hair type but also your personality.

Hair frames your face so draw attention to the areas that accentuate your best features. A fringe can draw attention to your eyes. If you have lovely lips a graduated bob that points directly at them will really show them off! Focus on the positive and ask your hairdresser to help you find the style that will really bring out your confidence.

If you suffer with bad skin, the temptation is to hide behind your hair but this will not allow you to make the best of your features. Also hair in the face may exasperate problem areas, particularly if the hair is not clean.

Avoid washing your hair in the shower where the shampoo can run into your face. Make sure that your shampoo is as mild as possible and if you suffer with oily hair shampoos that contain citrus fruit extracts, olive and lemon, chamomile, sage, aloe and tea tree are good options.

Also, let’s face it – we all feel better and more confident after a good blow dry so once in a while treat yourself. The results can last up to three days and a good hair day equals a good day!

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