Glasgow Beauty Blogger trials Lustre Pure Light!

Glasgow Beauty Blogger, Lori, a twenty-something city girl writes a 100% honest blog about the latest beauty must-haves.
She has decided to try out Lustre Pure Light for 12 weeks and to write about her progress every fortnight, you can track her updates on her blog here.


Although she has been lucky, even as a teen, to never have suffered from major acne problems, she admits, “I do however suffer from a lot of blocked pores, especially around the nose and chin areas.”
We can sympathise with her as we know this can be a real problem area for many of us, she goes on to say, “I’ve tried countless products to no avail and often refer to these as a bit of a time-bomb as every few months I end up with a bit of a breakout.”


“I often end up with awful under the skin spots which are painful and take a long time to heal. While this may not be the worst type of acne, it certainly isn’t pleasant.” This is precisely where Lustre Pure Light will work, by targeting the bacteria under the skin in these area and using blue light to kill it.
In her first blog she explains, “The system itself is comprised of a small handheld unit which controls the device, three heads with the lights themselves and a box of adhesive strips to stick the heads to your face.”
“It is very simple to use, basically you charge it up via socket or USB (handy for travelling) stick the pads to the lights, attach to the areas of the face you want to target, switch on and let the blue light work its magic!”
Lori says she found having the pads on her face a little odd at first but, “after a few days it became part of my tv watching/blog writing routine” that is the beauty of this unique hands-free device!
Here are her photos after only 1 week of use!

Screen Shot 2014-08-08 at 15.37.00

Screen Shot 2014-08-08 at 15.56.38

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