A Lustre Pure Light as a Christmas gift?


Would you give a Lustre Pure Light as a Christmas gift?

With the high street shops now all festive and twinkling with decorations – full to the brim with Christmas gifts and cheer – we pondered the following question recently…’where does Lustre Pure Light fit in at Christmas?’

Will Santa be bringing a teenager a Lustre device as a gift…and will that teenager be happy with that present? Is it the type of product a mother would buy her older son or daughter as a present or would a woman hint to her husband that she would love to open a lovingly wrapped Lustre on Christmas morning?
Does Lustre have a place on someone’s Christmas list at all or is it the personal gift that you buy for yourself? Is it the present a dad will buy his daughter anyway because it is something she wants?
Please do let us know your thoughts on this. We would really appreciate your feedback – Would Santa give a Lustre Pure Light as a gift?

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