Forever thankful in the technology that is blue light – Kalon

Hey, I’m Kalon, I’m now 19 and I’m new into a role as a Business to Business client care advisor. Like many other teenagers, I don’t shy away from the stereotype that is going out on the weekends, travelling to different cities and spending my free time on social media.


I first got acne in year 8 of secondary school, though it was dismissed and looked at as teenage spots, my parents had it down for that, as did dermatologists and doctors. Though, I had a gut instinct it wasn’t…and it quickly became a huge anxiety of mine. By Year 10, I was doubtful of relationships and going to minor house parties etc where I was going to be seen by those I wasn’t comfortable around. Being at this age, I was receiving pocket money, money from small handy jobs and other streams to which all of my income…was being spent on skincare. My knowledge of skincare was advanced way before year 11, and before my end of year leavers prom at secondary school I had already spent £2000 on skincare, and had begun using at home peels as well as visiting salons etc to receive treatments. Those around me would question why, and tell me my acne wasn’t severe, and in fairness I had seen worse cases, but the hold it had on my confidence is unexplainable. My parents went through phases of being supportive of my skin, though they very quickly got tedious of things not working…there was only so much they could do, rightly so. The doctors had put me on Lymecycline medication, but they refused Accutane because my acne didn’t qualify for the treatment, I had trialled every skin care routine under the sun, burning my face with harsh chemicals, going organic; you name it…I tried it. When I reached 16, I had heard of blue light treatment and the wonders it did for bacteria. My issue was oily skin, as well as bacteria and I washed with the best of cleaners, however none would clear P-acne’s under the skin, I went for two sessions at a salon for blue light treatment at an expensive price and I saw no difference….and then at 18 I found Lustre. At this point I was sharing skincare tips on Twitter etc, with images of new skincare I had purchased popping in and out of my everyday tweets. I thought I’d ask Lustre if they would like to work together in getting blue light heard about, and a great way for me to trial the product……and I’m still here now at 19 writing this. Did Lustre 100% clear up my face? No, did I see results after just one session? No…..one week in, YES. Instantly after my first session the texture of my skin was smooth, it felt almost waxy but calm. One week in, and the spots had reduced in size, they were no longer pustules that were sore to touch, more dried out pimples to me. 2 months in, and my breakouts were controlled, they were propping up in the places I’d expect, the places that may have gone a little neglected…like the sideburns (shampoo) the eyebrows etc. The places I’d normally get spots were becoming less and less frequent. Lustre gave me my confidence back, I still doubt myself but that’s natural….it feels good to hear people say ‘I see a difference’, I still find myself in the habit of saying, “I hate my acne”, but I’m quickly reminded by those around me that “it’s just a few spots”…and that’s normal, that’s real. My acne is no longer your typical image of acne, it’s a controlled surface that now and then pops up with a few small pimples, and I am more than happy with that and forever thankful in that technology that is blue light! Thank you Lustre!

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