Doctors Warn Against Antiobiotics as Acne Cure

The Lustre Clinic has been featured in The Huffington Post UK, in an article, ‘Doctors: Please, No More Antibiotics for Acne‘.

In the article, Dr Patrick Bowler, Founder of Courthouse Clinics and founding member of the British College of Aesthetic Medicine, discusses how the use of antibiotics to treat acne is not the best solution to permanently get rid of the problem.

Dr Bowler explains: ‘A new proposal on a popular web resource for physicians and other health professionals has called for the discontinuation of antibiotics to treat acne and, although controversial, is exactly right.’

The proposal, by Muneeza Muhammed, BA and Ted Rosen, MD, was published on, and suggests that dermatologists should severely curtail or discontinue the routine and regular use of antibiotics for acne.

Dr Bowler continues: ‘The internet has done much to encourage (albeit anonymous) conversation about acne. One such example, The Lustre Clinic, acts as a social forum for sufferers to discuss their problems and get confidence boosting advice from health and beauty professionals.

‘Lustre promote the use of blue light therapy as a clinically-proven and effective solution to acne, with none of the risks associated with antibiotics or topical creams.’

He concludes: ‘All accumulating evidence suggests with growing urgency that traditional response to acne management is no longer working. Dermatologists and doctors must be encouraged to experiment with totally safe antibiotic alternatives, and blue light therapy could be just the trick.’

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