Why Should Lustre Pure Light Be Your Solution of Choice?

Lustre Pure Light has been clinically tested under rigorous conditions. Lustre has been reviewed and endorsed by some of the country’s leading skin specialists and is used in many of the UK’s leading acne clinics. It is the preferred treatment for acne by celebrity TV doctor Dr Hilary Jones and is used by International Models, Celebrity Make-Up Artists, High Profile Celebrities and Beauty Journalists.
Put simply, Lustre will deliver the natural solution to spots, acne and problem skin. 

What’s Different With Lustre?

Lustre is the only product that delivers a targeted dose to the exact area that needs it. Lustre Pure Light does this because it is the only product that attaches directly to the affected area placing the source of Blue Light at the right distance for the right length of time at the right dosage.
Skin with acne present
During Blue Light
After Lustre treatment
For optimum results Lustre Pure Light remains at a constant distance from the affected area
  • Genuinely hands free
  • Targeted dose
  • Get on with your life

Lustre Pure Light is the only true hands free Blue Light device that allows you to move around the house getting on with your life whilst receiving the measured treatment that is proven to get rid of acne and persistent spots.
Lustre doesn’t require you to sit with your face at a specific distance without moving, or be hand held meaning that you have to hold it for prolonged periods at the exact distance without the beam moving from the same spot.

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