The Average Beauty Spend

Remarkably, in 2013 researchers at Superdrug found that the average UK woman will spend more than £18,000 on her face in her lifetime in a report published in the Daily Mail – that’s not even including hair which we all know can be a huge expense!

The figure was reached by a detailed study of 2,000 British women who shop in Superdrug. They calculated women will spend £279.41 a year on such products, adding up to £18,049.89 over the average lifespan (based on products being purchased from the age on 18 onwards). In total women buy on average 38 different products for their face annually, and 2,455 by the time they reach the grand old age of 82 and a half.

73% of the women said they did look for ways to save on their beauty regime – one of the most common thing that people who use Lustre Pure Light to treat there spots and acne have told us is that they have found they spend less money on skin products for their acne month by month as skin improves and they require less creams and less make up for heavy coverage.

The study showed that skincare is almost as important as cosmetics, as the average spend is around £8,523.97 a lifetime on products such as cleansers, toners, moisturisers, eye creams and make-up remover.

Face wipes are the most purchased product with women buying an average of five packs every year or 323 packs over her adult lifetime.

Meanwhile, another Daily Mail article highlights that the average 30-something man now admits to spending over £100 per month on expensive eye creams, luxury moisturisers and trips to the spa, which is three times as much as a standard gym membership.

Of the 1,000 British men surveyed by Debenhams, those aged between 20-29 spent on average £35 per month on grooming products.

‘The stigma associated with male grooming has finally disappeared and men are not only willing to spend money to maintain their looks, they are also recommending products to one another and frequently visiting salon’s and spas, sometimes in groups’

At Lustre, we strongly believe in tackle the root of the problem of acne, not covering it up or only mildly calming spots on the surface, which is why our device uses Blue Light Technology to target the bacteria that cause acne in the first place.

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