Male vs Female Acne

Male vs Female Acne – who suffers more? When most of us think of acne we think of teenagers, or even our own tender teenage years whether we are male or female. Yet after age 20, it is the female of the species who report they are far more likely than men to suffer from … Continued

Stress and Breakouts

Stress and Breakouts – what’s the link and how to help yourself at home! We are all under raised stress levels these days. The current pandemic situation isn’t exactly joy-inducing, and working from home – or just being at home isolated for this long – can be a source of new, unprecedented anxiety. It is … Continued

Bacne? More common than you think!

If you know the word bacne, then you’ve either been affected by it or seen others struggle with the condition. Coming from the combination of words: back and acne, bacne is more common than you think. In simple terms, bacne (like with other forms of acne) happens when various debris, such as dirt and oil … Continued

Sugar won’t sweeten your complexion

Guest blog contributed by Dr Sam Robson, GP and MD at Temple Clinic With it being Sugar Awareness Week (20-26 January 2020), this provides the perfect opportunity to look at the impact that sugar can have on your skin and in particular its relationship with acne. Acne starts with blocked skin follicles (pores). This prevents the … Continued

LUSTRE Partner Clinic Temple gets ARAUK accreditation

We are very pleased to announce our partner clinic, Temple Clinic in Aberdeen has been accredited by ARAUK (Acne and Rosacea Association UK), making them a designated centre of excellence for acne and rosacea. Temple Clinic has a dedicated Problem Skin clinic ran by GP, Dr Sam Robson which specialises in treating acne. Their expertise … Continued

How safe is Roaccutane?

Guest blog contributed by Dr Sam Robson, GP and MD at Temple Clinic Acne is a chronic skin condition that, although more typically associated with adolescence, can affect all age groups and will affect most people at some point in their life – unfortunately for most sufferers, it affects the face and so can be … Continued

What causes Acne?

So how does Acne start? All human skin is actually alive with bacteria; it lives in our skin, and some of it within its little openings, right where the hair sprouts out. When these little pores become blocked with dead skin and excessive oil (aka sebum), the bacteria multiply underneath and contribute to inflammation. This … Continued

10 Tips for controlling acne outbreaks this Christmas

Helping your skin survive the festive period Here we are, a stone’s throw away from Christmas – that’s come around quickly! Back into warm hats and scarves it is, and it’s time to prep your skin for the spot-inducing, dark and frosty winter holiday. While a lot of people find it invigorating and look forward … Continued

Guest Post: Lustre Pure Light Pro – LED Light Treatment for Acne review by Isobel

Victoria Beckham, Miley Cyrus, Cameron Diaz and Daniel Radcliffe have more in common than being famous. They have all suffered from acne at some point in their lives. No one is safe from acne and even celebrities find it a hard problem to deal with.

Freyja – My Lustre Journey – Q&A

A fabulous and very honest update from Freyja.

‘Yes I still get the odd break out and yes it makes me feel self conscious and miserable but compared to 3 years ago this is nothing!

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