Acne Awareness Month

Every June, Acne Awareness Month seems to pass by with little coverage and at Lustre, we think that it’s because people think that they know about acne; and so why do we need an acne awareness month?

We even had someone on Twitter state that everyone is aware of acne, so we don’t need an acne awareness month, but in the same way that Breast Cancer awareness circulates, it’s sole purpose is not to inform people that acne exists.


Acne Awareness Month is used to; yes, raise awareness of acne as a skin condition, but it is used, also, to thwart general misconceptions of acne and acne sufferers, to highlight treatments and skincare tips as well as get people clued up on what EXACTLY acne is and where it comes from.

That’s what we are going to do in this blog post, discuss what exactly acne is and what causes it.

Acne is the most common cause of spots and it tends to affect people between the ages of 12-25, but people of all ages can and do suffer from it.

It is caused by bacteria attacking your pores causing your sebaceous glands (the glands that produce a natural oil called sebum to keep your skin soft and supple) to overproduce sebum which blocks the pores.

Once the pores are blocked, the sebum and bacteria continue to grow causing white blood cells to move into the area and begin to fight the bacteria, causing swelling and red inflammation, and spots form.

Many other things that we use daily can contribute to spots as well like makeup and sunscreen so if you are going to wear these regularly, then we suggest only buying and wearing ones with “oil free,” “noncomedogenic,” or “nonacnegenic” labels.

These labels mean that they won’t clog your pores and cause acne, so you can have the best of both worlds with your makeup.

Do you currently suffer from acne? If you do, regardless of your age, sex or race, why don’t you drop our Skincare Experts a line? They’re on hand to answer any questions and offer all the support you need.

If you have tried different products to treat spots and find nothing seems to work, you may want to look at our blue light products; Lustre Pure Light Classic and Lustre Pro.

They harness the safe, natural blue part of the visible light spectrum and use clinically proven technology to eliminate spot-causing bacteria, while also being gentle on skin. You can find out more by visiting the Our Products page on our website.

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