5 Easy Tips to Avoid Summer Breakouts



1. Be aware of your hair on your skin:

Avoid using oils, sprays, or gels on your hair. If they get on your face or on your back they can block your skin’s pores and irritate your skin. Oily hair can add to the oil on your face and back especially, causing the dreaded ‘bacne’, so wash your hair often and tie up if you’re feeling hot and sweaty!


2. Don’t forget where you rest your head:

Your face lays on your pillowcase every day. Your pillow case absorbs the oils from your skin from one night and waits until you return to bed the next night and reapplies all last nights dirt and oil. This is repeated the more you use the same pillow case, so make sure you keep your bedding clean and fresh.


3. Eat foods rich in zinc:

Zinc is an essential mineral for our bodies, it has antibacterial properties a which is perfect for acne-prone skin. Rich in Zinc foods include Beef, Lamb, Spinach, Pumpkin and Mushrooms.


4. Clean Your Phone:

What you probably don’t know is that this little device is one of the newest causes of acne breakouts. Why? Just think about all the different things your hand touch in a day, and all the bacteria they collect! So everytime you touch your phone then put it to your face for a call, all of the dirt from the face of your phone seeps into your face and is then transferred back onto your face the next time you use it. To prevent breakouts, clean the part of your phone that touches your face regularly and that will, in turn, keep your face clean as well, hopefully!


5. Wear sunscreen:

A little bit of sun has been known to reduce breakouts but too much can cause damage to your skin and cause a breakout. If you’re planning a weekend in the sun, be sure to load up on sunscreen. The ideal sunscreen is a broad-spectrum sunscreen, protecting against both UVA and UVB rays that has an SPF of 30 or higher and moisturiser.


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