Blue Light Acne Treatment

Bring your skin to light with bacteria-destroying blue light!

Blue Light Acne Treatment

Bring your skin to light with bacteria-destroying blue light!

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Introducing the new LUSTRE Solo – a wireless, wearable technology that kills acne-causing bacteria. This safe and effective technology is clinically proven to help you clear your skin of acne, spots and blemishes while being gentle and completely natural. Only 20 minutes a day. Recommended treatment period is 12 weeks, with first results reported after 2 weeks of daily use.

What’s in the box?

  • LUSTRE Solo Device
  • LUSTRESTRIPS for 30 treatments
  • USB Charger Cable
  • LUSTRE Instruction Manual

Easily charged with the USB cable provided.

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Let there be light!

Blue light is a natural solution for acne, effectively reducing the appearance of acne without the side effects of drugs and medicines.

Use on cheeks, chin, forehead or even on the back. SOLO’s flexible design fits closely to the targeted area on the skin and directs the blue light right where it needs to go.


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* These are average results as observed on images submitted by customers in the past. This particular series of images is for demonstration purposes only to reflect an average Lustre journey. Visit our Testimonials page for genuine customer reviews including some Before and After photos.
"Technology for your skin-care"
Instagram post 2192229731767526428_2045852263 In our skin exploration we've come across tons of acne stories. Main trouble is: we're being over-prescribed medicine - and it's all pretty harsh stuff 😷 While it works for some people with acne, they then often struggle with subsequent dry skin,  bodily pains, nose bleeds, mood swings and, in worse cases, more serious medical conditions. 💊💉 #sideeffects⁠
LUSTRE is a lightweight and mighty acne treatment💫💨 endorsed by leading dermatologists. We will always stand for #naturalskincare. And if it WORKS, why struggle with other solutions ✌🏼⁠
Instagram post 2192221506645125899_2045852263 When your skin goes through a transformation, you want to help it as much as possible. Ditch the heavy make up, let it breathe - and pump some UV-FREE light into it 💡⁠
#nomoreacne #acnejourney #skintransformation
Instagram post 2192220352934736551_2045852263 *But first* let me take a selfie! 📸 😁⁠
When your skin says 'thank you' by being smooth and clear 💫#thatglow #acne #acnejourney #skincare #skincareroutine #goodbyeacne #natural #beauty⁠
Instagram post 2187698614428876291_2045852263 Black Friday SALE is here! Get your own LUSTRE Solo device at £49 this weekend 🤩👆🏼 fighting those spots has never been so seamless 👊🏼
#acne #acnejourney #fightacne #loveyourself #goodmorning #blackfriday #sale
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